Saturday, November 3, 2007

Travel Mission Status: Complete

Okay, I'm in Mississippi perfectly safe. I'm blogging from Mary-Jane's computer because she lent it to us after she found out she wasn't coming. Luckily we also have wireless internet, so I can check blogs and e-mail. I have a really awesome airport story, but it goes better with a picture that will be downloaded in the future (if I get the cord), so look forward to that.

As they say in Mississippi, ADIOS!

PS - I know mississippi isn't Spanish, but I'm sure its been said at least once here.


Oma said...

SO pleased to hear from you.I was just going to bed as I am very tired. I got home from Nevada last nite.I saw the most amazing scenery down there. Even the London Bridge which was brought over from England. I'm glad I checked the blog before going to bed. We're now on Pacific Standard time as of tomorrow, so I might be able to sleep an extra hour tomorrow morning.
Thanks again for keeping in touch.

MJ said...

I am so glad ou have arrived safely.

eileen said...

can't wait to hear the stories. hope you won't need too much therapy to get your posture back to Sask. style.