Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Since I'm in grade eight and going into high school next year, this was most likely my last year trick-or-treating. Okay first of all, I didn't intend on trick-or-treating, mainly because I had youth. For youth, we went to Dollarama and filled Operation Christmas Child boxes. As we were going through the checkout, my freind and I saw Halloween masks and both bought one. Then when youth was over, the three of us (another friend had brought a costume) went to 3 houses around the church. Then when we dropped someone else of at their house, I got a huge load of candy from her and a tiny bag of chips from one of the houses next door. Then I did a couple of houses on my street and ended up with a decent sized amount of candy (especially considering how little time I was out?


Carla said...

Quick thinking!
What kind of mask did you wear? Did you get any treats at your house?

Derek said...

it was a frankenstein mask, and i only got 1 starburst @ home