Monday, October 8, 2007


I was in Minot the last weekend, as was most of Saskatchewan. We counted 15 Sask license plates in a parking lot, and there were probably five times as many we didn't see. I also saw license plates from (let's see if I can remember) Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, Florida, and probably a couple others. My cousin's hotel was attached to the mall (and had 3 sweet water slides) so we did tons of shopping, swimming, and watching TV (we watched 4 episodes of 'Drake and Josh' in a row). Yesterday we went to the Roosevelt Zoo (it was nice out) and it's really awesome. It had lions and tigers and bears - Oh My! The pics above are of the 2 hours we spent at the zoo, then we had lunch at Space Aliens (which is amazing) and drove home. For shopping, all I bought was a sweet CD by ApologetiX, a Christian Parody band (I'll try to somehow get the music to you guys via the blog) and the first BATHROOM READER!!! Now I have #1, 12, 13, 14, 17, and 19! Bathroom readers are amazing, if you haven't read them. Once again, I had something else to say, but forgot it.


eileen said...

great zoo pics....esp. the 2-headed kangaroo :-)....i liked the zebra too.

katelynn said...

missing a few bathroom readers in between eh derek

Oma said...

Your Dad has learned to feed the geese without being pecked ?