Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Poem I wrote last night in bed.

Dark Fear
I lie in bed, alone in black, and listen to the slow CD. I hear the constant ticking of the wall clock. I reach for a kleenex and slowly sit up, not wanting to startle whatever is waiting for to close my eyes. I can see the random blotches of clothes lying on the floor combined with books and other homework. The digital clock glows eerily as the numbers change every sixty seconds. I look out the window and see a light. I quickly lie down, scared of the strange flash. As I take a second look towards the unknown, I see a simple street light. I lie back down. Suddenly, I wake up. How much was dream? Was it a dream? I vaguely remember someone breaking in silently in the black. Was it a dream? Was it a danger signal from God? I realise I have to go to the bathroom. Was the break-in meant to test my levels of fear?I wake up at 7:41, and start my daily, monthly, annual routine, and hope that the next night will have no fear.

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