Monday, October 1, 2007

Volleyball Practice

I think I doubled the number of push-ups I've done in my life today. At volleyball practice, my group lost the first warm-up and to do 51 sit-ups or push-ups. Then we had a scrimmage - innocent enough, right? But every time a team would let the ball drop, put it over before 3 hits, or serve a bad serve, that team would have to do ten push ups. After about a total of 50 push-ups the coach switched it to 5 push-ups every time. Then we did that for half an hour to forty-five minutes. It was one of the most brutal practices I've ever had.
I also made it to Pool 1 in RCBA (1 is best, 2 is worse - nothing in between) I have a kid from my school on my team his mom's the coach (she's also the school team coach) and I know a couple other kids on my team from previous basketball teams.
Umm... I think thats all. Check out the new movies and the poll on the right. Not left, right. I'm running out of new pictures to post, I guess I'll have to take more. I didn't actually take this one, I think my mom did this summer. There were a lot of dragonflies at the cabin this summer, but its okay, because I like dragonflies alot more than mosquitoes.


eileen said...

thanks for the clarification....I thought it was a Sask. mosquito!
Ask your mom or dad if they have any RubA535 for your aches (from all the pushups)

Perry & Dawna said...

We don't have any A535, but it might be a good thing to buy. Derek's body is really being pushed these days. On Sunday he had 2 football games (played at Taylor Field) and then went directly to the last of his basketball tryouts. He made tier one and is pretty excited about this. He'll have a great coach and is with another guy from school. Gotta run now - on my way to buy some A535!!

katelynn said...

hey derek! i remember when that picture was taken, i was sitting at the picnic table!!! it was funny.
personally, i really like the katelynn video...haha
and congrats on all the work you're doing! i bet your volleyball team will be really good. at volleyball i have to do a lot of pushups too.

Oma said...

I can't believe I just found your blog today.
I also check everytime I walk past the computer, but then Grandma's life is pretty boring compared to yours.
Stuck in Lukla is still my favorite.