Sunday, October 21, 2007

T-minus 13 days

Okay, I have a couple things to say. First of all, only 13 more days until I'm in Mississippi! I haven't blogily (new word) announced this yet, but I'm doing a mission trip in Pass Christian. We are pretty much just fixing and rebuilding houses. And for some strange reason, I entirely forgot the other two things I was going to say. That's pathetic of me. I'm very sorry. I'm really disappointed in myself and actually kind of angry that I forgot. I'm starting to get used to it, though, because my memory is brutal, especially when it comes to blogging. If I think of the lost ideas later, I'll post them. I kind of remembered one right now. Either that or I made it up. I might be moving downstairs, maybe. I know I will be eventually and that was my parents plan, but I think I might be moving down soon. The main problem is that it's very boring and ugly. Shouldn't be to hard to change, because the only floral things are flowers (easily moved), a weird doll-thing, and the floral bed sheet (which I'll definately change). Then instead of painting the white walls I might just cover them with posters. Once again, It's really too bad I forgot about the interesting thing I was going to blog. About the pic....It was the only pic I could find because I used up all the recent ones. It's a gingerbread house I made a couple years ago. I have no idea when, really, but I remember making that surf board with the 'Surf's Up' sign.

EUREKA!!! I remember one of the thing-things! My dad found a really awesome deal at You can get 12 CDs free and then you have too buy 2 other CDs. Strangely, the total cost for us was $44 or something which is weird because we only bought 2 CDs, but it was because the shipping and handling was $27. We divided it, and $44 divided by 14= something like 3 dollars a CD which is still a great deal (if you can find 14 CDs you like). I think that's all for now. Wow. That's a long post.


eileen said...

it's good to hear from you Derek, even if and when you forget what you are going to post. (maybe you should carry a small notebook in your back pocket and write things down as you think of them...that's what U. Al does all the time)
I'm glad that wasn't a new gingerbread had me worried that Christmas was coming sooner than I realized!

Derek said...

I read somewhere that Thomas Jefferson had tons of notebooks full of ideas, and It's a good idea, except it might not fit in my pocket, but I'll try it.

eileen said...

just use small ones and then you can store them chronologically in a box or something