Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gud Ol' Mississippi

Where is Les? (our project leader) and why is his food left alone??? We were at a breakfast place in the Minneapolis airport, when we were looking at our tickets. We had already ordered, and we were looking at how much time we had between flights. We checked our tickets out of Minneapolis and saw that we still had lots of time. Then Les looked at his, and realized he had ten minutes. We still don't know exactly why, but he had a different flight to Memphis, so he ran to his flight and then met us in Memphis (we had the same flight from there)
Another strange thing is shown in the picture above. Mississippi aboriginals had found a way to defy gravity. We were lucky enough to be taught this amazing feat of nature. Les (far right) didn't quite catch on. I'm pretty sure I had best perfected the act out of our group.


Oma said...

You're just having too much fun !
When does the work begin ?
Derek, did you eat the other breakfast ? It would be wrong to let it go to waste.

MJ said...

So happy for you guys. I was on the same itinerary as Les!!
Have a great first work(real)day>

Derek said...

Don't worry, the food was eaten. My Mom and I ate it because we hadn't ordered a meal, we had each ordered peanut butter on toast.

Oma said...

Peanut Butter ??????????

katelynn said...

of course, peanut butter. eating as much pb as you can while you're away from shawn, eh? (i mean this in a good way!) love the picture, by the way.

Days of our Lives said...

sweet pics derek ! :)