Friday, November 9, 2007

The Untitled post.

Strangely, both of the good pictures I took to day were on Color Accent, which makes everything black and white except one color. The first is a toad we found, the second is my mom washing a van while Les is goofing around. Today was pretty uneventful. I forgot to take a "end of Day 5" pic, but it wouldn't have been good anyways. We put some plywood on the sides below the roof, but you couldn't see the change anyways. Tonight we're shopping (I want to buy a U of Mississippi sweater) and then going out for a crab supper. Tomorrow we're going to New Orleans and doing something. I don't know, probably touristy stuff.

1 comment:

eileen said...

is the sweatshirt for your dad because you ripped his? :-)