Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yesterday we were in New Orleans (southern's say Norlins or Norleens). It was awesome. On the drive there, we stopped in Diamondhead (between Pass Christian and New Orleans) and I bought a pair of Mississippi State pajamas (with the Bulldog on it) and then we finished the hour and a half drive to New Orleans. We started by going to the aquarium. As we walked towards it, we saw a trumpet player, and put some money in his box. After the song, he gave us the advice "get drunk and do something stupid. Because the people here don't care and the people at home won't know." (we didn't take the advice) The aquarium was amazing, but the pictures aren't really that great because of the aquarium's lighting, and the fact everything is behind glass underwater. I will give you the pictures anyways, but I'm in the airport right now so I'll put them on later today. After the aquarium was mostly shopping. We went down Bourbon Street and a couple side streets and bought a N.O. sweater, t-shirt, and probably something else. We had supper at Bubba Gump's and I am now convinced that I need to see Forrest Gump. I think my plane out of Gulfport (15min from Pass Christian) is leaving right away, so I should probably go.


Joanne said...

Thanks for doing this. It was great to read your comments and hear your perspective on your days down south. I'm going to miss them next week. You'll have to teach us old people how to do this. Every missions team should have one (or more) of these set up. Hope you have a good trip back and don't miss any flights.

eileen said...

Hope you didn't miss your flight!
Great reporting Derek....maybe you'll become a journalist/photographer?

Carla said...

Welcome Home! Derek and Dawna!
Are you at home watching the game?

katelynn said...

what did you have to eat at bubba gumps? i went in maui and loved maui i had the beer battered mahi mahi, which is beer battered i had fish and chips, in case you didn't get that! haha