Monday, November 5, 2007

Dayo Numbero Uno

Today was the first official work day. We went to a house that only had framing done. We had to rip off the initial layer of plywood because it didn't meet some regulation, and then nailed another layer on. Then we added most of the trusses for the roof, and that was mostly it. It was very hot this morning and was brutal in direct sun. The shade was nice, though, because it had no direct sun but a warm breeze. The pics above are before and after of the house we worked on today.

We have now seen some cool wildlife. Sadly, they were all quite small and we didn't actually see a gator. (I saw something moving in the water, but it looked like a dog) So far we've seen a crane, lizards (hiding in siding at the work site), a couple tiny frogs (most were finger-sized), a regular sized toad, some butterflies and a Katydid or a walking stick (we aren't sure what it is.) Remember to check my blog daily because I will post frequently because there is very little to do. After working and supper, we go to the Shell to get a snack, then sometimes play Apples to Apples, and then I'm on the computer lots.


katelynn said...

i love the butterfly!

Carla said...

Thanks for the photos.

Those pesky rules always get in the way when people are building. Hope that your house stays up for a very long time.

We had a bit of rain/snow here in Winnipeg today. Thot that would cool you off to know.

eileen said...

great pics....keep them coming! the butterfly is gorgeous.
maybe you could get someone to take a pic of you and your mom, so we know that you are really down there :-)

Rick & Sandy said...

Sunshine and warm weather...ahhh; dreaming about our next vacation to a warm, sunny destination...

It's great to see and read your postings.