Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Really Long, pointless post.

Okay. My football game last night was a huge loss at something like 50-0 for them. I had a nice run play, though. I got a first down but I have no idea if it was a ten yard first down or a seven yard first down. Other than that, our team sucked. And at half-time our coach said that because we were losing so much we shouldn't be happy. I has mostly happy though, becaus in between plays I would talk to people and every once in awhile we had a good play, so I was happy. Then today I was semi-mad at a kid in my class. I lent his potato dancing group (potato dancing is cheoragraphy with potatoes on the ends of forks) a CD of mine to dance to. When returning it, he decided it was agood idea to throw it like a frisbee across the room. The case broke into 3 pieces (one of them the time part that hols the front and back together). The three good things are A: the CD wasn't super important or expensive, and I ripped it onto my computer, so I could burn one, maybe. B: the teacher walked in as he threw it. he didn't get in trouble, but sometimes guilt is better than punishment. and C: his group was the ones who really needed the CD, so if it skips, its his own fault. Then the same kid at lunch was alone in the park (where most of us eat lunch, but everyone else was at MCDonalds) so I went there because he was all alone. Then he decided it would be funny if he threw water, sand, pinecones, and sand-filled pinecones at me. I just took it for a while, he generally missed me, but It's the thought that counts (this time negatively). I headed back to school to play football with the people who were there, but he followed me. I had youthy tonight and that was really awesome. So many funny things happen every week. Half the time it's only funny because it's youth. And a HUGE majority of the things are insiders or built on insiders. Our youth helpers are awesome. there are three that are going to U of R and they are all so awesome and funny. Neil is just weird. and so is Danae. Larissa and Stacie are less weird, but still lots of fun. I think thats all i have to say. For those of you who actually read all the way to the end, congrats. because if this wasn't my blog and I wasn't the one writing I probably would've got bored 10 or so sentences in. I think i'm going to add those links now. And maybe another one of my movies.


Rietta said...

I was talking with some teachers and other staff at the school this week about Molly and some of her issues... i was reminding them that all behaviour (whether it is from a child with special needs or a typical child) is communication... in other words, this boy that's behaving bad, he's not just a bad boy, he's probably got problems that he doesn't know how to verbalize. That doesn't excuse the behaviour or course but sometimes we need to look past the behaviour and figure out what the real issue is... how's that for getting psychological on a 13 year olds blog. just something to think about Derek. I was pretty proud of you for going and sitting with him... glad to see your feelings don't rule your life.

love, a. Rietta

eileen said...

How much do you charge, Rietta? (sounded very professional)
I read your blog to the end Derek and was pleased, too, at how you handled the situation. Your actions will have spoken louder than any words.
hope you have good weekend,
a. eileen

Carla said...

I just had a chance to watch "Purple's Hospital". It made me laugh out loud. Great writing and acting. Keep up the good work.

eileen said...

how do you we get your blog link on our family blog? do I need to make a formal request to the manager of the site or would he do it if you suggested it?