Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Okay, I have a lot to say and for some reason I feel very rushed. Maybe it's because I am. My mom just yelled down that we're going to leave for my football game in twenty minutes. That's the first one, my football game tonight. Second, I made the volleyball team at school, for the 3rd year in a row. The last thing (at least I think it's last) is that I'm planning on making a link to blogs I read because I'm constantly checking blogs. I end up checking at least three times a day. Once before school, once after school, and one more when ever I have time. I'm constantly disappointed because most people only post every few days. I found an awesome way to see all of the blogs (except katelynn) without pressing 'back'. I start with the Friesen Family blog, Kevin + Julie, Richard + Kristy, then Dave and Denise (who don't have links). Mike and Renee I check every once in a while because they hardly ever post anything. I check Katelynn's after all of that because there's no link to hers at all. (except mine. if I get around to making it. I just noticed how long this post is. This picture of Shawn was going to be in a movie, but we never got around to making the movie. Gotta go to footbal!!


Rietta said...

hope you had a great game. thanks for finally adding to your blog... i check every day too and am disappointed when people haven't added anything :)

love, a. rietta

katelynn said...

hehe i do that too, follow around on people's link to make a full circle.

Days of our Lives said...

oh my goodness i just checked out your vids and they crack me up , i can hardley wait to show them to dave !