Saturday, September 8, 2007

I am very very very bored.

Today my parents left at 10 to go golfing. Then Shawn left to go to a birthday party. Now I'm stuck home alone with a bunch of boring TV shows and a bunch of boring internet game sites. Such as,,, and you can go to them, they're not entirely stupid, but since I was bored when I started playing them, they are just... boring. I also did a bit of work for my dad (for money). I had to put text on the pictures of the families at our church for the picture board. Purely out of excessive boredom, here's another picture.


Perry & Dawna said...

Sorry you were so bored. You should write out a list of fun things to do when you're bored, or maybe ask your parents for some chores. : )

eileen said...

Hey, our kids did that when they were little. They got to fill the jar with activities (written on little pieces of paper) and whenever they said, "I'm bored", I'd send them to the jar and there was their solution to their boredom.

katelynn said...

did you take the fire picture?