Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here's the first part of my book report. I was really bored and had to finish it for the next day, so I started writing by typing this:

I read Billy Clikk – Rogmasher Rampage this month. Just so you know, this might not be an amazing book report. It won’t be because I am rushed for time and really don’t feel like doing it which means I’m forcing myself to write – which doesn’t work. It’s like forcing yourself to go to the bathroom when you really have nothing in you. Now that I’ve written that, I feel better and the words are somewhat starting to flow. Kind of. Now that I’ve started typing, I think this book report is going to be better. Maybe I should’ve written this paragraph and then deleted it. I decided not to, as you know because you’re reading this.
Both of the pics are from last Christmas travelling somewhere between here and Abbotsford.

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