Thursday, December 6, 2007


This picture isn't blurry because she was very, very still. Her name is Chloe, and she's the former french teacher's (former as of 1 month ago) daughter.

Kent Austin's kids go to my school, so he brought the cup today. Sadly, most of my pictures are blurry because my camera doesn't work too well. I don't really have more to say.


Oma said...

You have the cutest " little " friends.
You know how to pick them.

Carla said...

Derek, Great photos. I love your jersey. What did you have to promise your dad to let you wear it?
Today our Premier is paying up on his 'Grey Cup' bet with your Premier Brad Wall (not your uncle). There will be a new sign unveiled at the border saying 'Welcome to the Home of the Grey Cup'. Premier Doer says that he is not going alone, he will bring along the Manitoba Bisons, the winners of the Vanier Cup.

Oma said...

Don't those cookies look good on the full screen ?

Rietta said...

I hope you put a camera on your christmas wish list. Those opportunities are just too good to miss!!! Yeah, Riders.

a. Rietta

eileen said...

it's been a week Derek??? Are you OK?

eileen said...

have you been grounded from the computer?

eileen said...

now I'm really worried! it's been 12 days!